Howdy All,

Holy smokes! I think I just saw Dudley Do-right and Snidely Whiplash go by. Boy, talk about being in the great outdoors. This place is amazing. Today we traveled to Teslin. While en-route we stopped at Jade City where they mine a significant amount of Jade. They have carvers all over the world and are looking for more. If you need a job, you might check them out. Their training program is 30 years before you become a master carver. Some of us need not apply.
Cassiar Mountain Jade Store

We also stopped in Watson Lake and visited the Sign Post Forrest. Look closely and you will see a San Marcos sign. I felt right at home, but the Vulture was confused.

Sign Post Forest

Sign Post Forest II

San Marcos Sign Post

We crossed over into the Yukon Territory. As we travel further north, the scenery becomes more barren. We rode past thousands and thousands of acres of forest burned by wildfires. Sad. We continue to be amazed at the vastness of the country. I feel like Jeremiah Johnson and will watch the movie again when I get back.

Yukon Adventurers

Yukon - Larger than Life

The Great Arctic Adventure - Day 7

Until tomorrow…..

Gato out