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Arctic Circle Milestone

B’man and I rode the 23 miles to the Arctic Circle. Nothing difficult, and the weather and road were great except for the small shower near the Circle. We left  and road back through what I have been informed is the muck and not “muk.”  The reason I used the word muk is because of the word “mukluk” used in Canada. I could be totally wrong.  So, we will now refer to the “muk” as muck. “Anyhow-way” (as my good friend Keith would say), we arrived back in Dawson City and once again, stayed at the fabulously luxurious establishment, The Bunkhouse. Photos attached.

The Bunkhouse

Community Shower

On Day 9, The Dempster proved herself a beast; however today, she let us enjoy the ride and the beauty of her surroundings. There were still challenging areas, but we finally figured out how to ‘ride the muck.’ I’ll give pointers in another post for folks going up the Dempster.

One area I have not addressed is the people up here. You’ve heard of southern hospitality, right?  Well it has been transplanted to Canada.  Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE up here is as nice as you could imagine. Their hospitality and willingness to assist everyone is beyond belief. The Country AND the people are amazing. Thanks to everyone we met along the way, especially the cute blonde at the El Dorado who helped me get wifi ( sorry I didn’t get your name.)

And the Dempster, just for her, in spite of all our difficulties was absolutely phenomenal, especially on the way down.

Until next time……Gato out