HANG ON FOLKS for a quick update covering several days.

Well, it finally quit raining in Tok. Just long enough for us to decide to hit the road for Fairbanks. Naturally, after just a few miles it started to rain…and rain…and rain…and rain some more – all the way to the end of the Alaska Highway.

The crew at the end of the Alaska Highway

The crew at the end of the Alaska Highway

Delta Junction

Delta Junction

El Gato at the end of the Alaska Highway

El Gato at Alaska Hwy

Giant mesquitoes in Alaska

Alaskan Mosquitos

We pushed forward in spite of the rain and soon arrived at the North Pole, where we had a short visit with Santa and tried to convince him that ALL of our grand kids were perfect angels. He was somewhat not so sure we were telling him the truth, but I think he finally accepted our explanations.

At the Northpoll

Northpoll Santa

Northpoll, AK

Northpoll, AK Santa Claus House

On Dancer, on Prancer, on Comet and…… until we arrived in Fairbanks, AK and stayed at the most expensive Super 8 hotel I have ever seen. $135.00 per night plus tax.  Ugh!  I can’t afford to live up here. Vulture and Gazelle got a tire change and we all chilled for the evening and tried to figure out where it wasn’t raining in Alaska.
The next morning, B’man and I decided to set out for Prudhoe Bay, Ak. This was an unplanned turn of events. Vulture and Gazelle stayed in Fairbanks and will do day trips from there. B’man and I traveled up the Dalton Highway that was basically a clone of the Dempster. We soon came to a familiar spot….the Arctic Circle, located about 160 miles north of Fairbanks.

El Gato and B'man at the Arctic Circle headed to Prudhoe Bay, AK

El Gato and B'man at the Arctic Circle again

We met a guy there that has a TV show on the Speed Network every Sunday night. He used us and our bikes in a shot and said he would send us the link and other info. He also uploads the video to YouTube.  I told him that I was a professional actor, since I had been in a prior movie, and that I expected to receive union scale. He asked if I was a member of the Screen Actors Guild. The conversation moved on. Needless to say, I didn’t get paid.

[After a little investigative work (after all, I am part of El Gato’s litter), I believe the guy from Speed Network is Wind Tunnel’s Dave Despain. And although not as prestigious as “The Great Arctic Adventure”  blog, you can follow “Dave’s Arctic Adventure,” starting with Leg 1- here. ~La Kitten]

We hit the road again and traveled some 70 miles and arrived that afternoon in Coldfoot, Ak, which is actually Coldfoot CAMP.  Let me just say, brings back memories of Boy Scouts. Take a look at the pics and you form your own opinion.  It is said that about 34 years ago a group of folks set-out from Fairbanks for Prudhoe Bay.  Halfway there,  part of the group got “cold feet” and decided to stay there….hence Coldfoot, AK.  Quite a remote place, but the people and the food were outstanding.
Our motel in Coldfoot, AKOur clean and sedate bedroom in Coldfoot, AK

Kickin' back in Coldfoot

Kickin' back in Coldfoot

The next morning we’re up and at ’em. We even picked up another rider. His name is Greg Powell and he is traveling the world by motorcycle, ALONE.  Kinda makes us feel inadequate. Check out his blog at www.gregsadventure.com. He is an accountant, 40 years old and would love to have you follow his adventure….or join him. I would, but my Babydoll says I’ve got to come home and mow.

Our new rider, Greg Powell.

Our new rider, Greg Powell.

Gobler's Knob on the Dalton Highway headed to Coldfoot, AK

Gobler's Knob

B'man checking out Gobler's Knob

B'man at Gobler's Knob

B'man arrives at Coldfoot, AK

B'man arrives at Coldfoot

As we pushed north, the scenery was spectacular.  We even ran across a couple of black bear cubs playing on the road. We watched for a couple of minutes and then heard a loud grunt in the forest.  Mama bear was calling and they soon ran into the woods.

The Alaska Pipeline should be on the list of the wonders of the world. It is truly an engineering feat.  It sits on some type of silicon or a substance of such a nature and can actually move up to 5 feet or so, as it contracts and expands. Amazing!

The James Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, AKAlaska Oil Pipeline

We continue on toward Prudhoe Bay. The scenery is incredible and after traveling through Antigun Pass, Alaska’s highest divide, the scenery and temperature change drastically. TUNDRA! No more trees and it becomes quite cold. Down to 41 degrees and we’re moving at 50 miles an hour. That’s COLD.  The road conditions are challenging, but rideable.

Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, AKEl Gato at Prudhoe Bay......or as close as you can get.

Our Prudhoe Bay HOTEL

Prudhoe Bay HOTEL

More Prudhoe Hotel

Birdman in Hotel

We arrive in Deadhorse.  Don’t know where it got its name, but one can imagine. We stayed at the luxurious Prudhoe Bay Hotel. Check it out. You might want to bring the family here on vacation. I don’t think they have a pool, but the rooms are adequate and the food is FANTASTIC. We had ribeye steaks, baked potato and everything else you can think of. These folks eat very well.
Tomorrow, we take the tour of the Prudhoe Bay Oilfield and then head back to Coldfoot, where our 200 room mobile home awaits our return.

Until next time…..Gato out

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