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Day 27, 28 & 29…..Skagway, Alaska


We are in Skagway, AK and it is a definite destination. Beautiful scenery and people. This is a must see on your bucket list. We leave on the ferry and head for Bellingham and Continental Airlines to home. After a month on the road………I’m ready to go home!!

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Thursday morning we departed for the city of Haines, AK. The 147 mile ride through 30 minutes of rain and at 45 degrees was great. We found the town quaint. We had lunch at the harbor, where we waited 45 minutes for a ham and turkey club. It was great when we got it! But, good grief, 45 minutes for a sandwich?

Tatshenshini River Area

Tatshenshini River Area

Tundra in the Tatshenshini River area between Haines & Haines Jct

Tundra in the Tatshenshini River

Birdman in Haines, AK

Birdman in Haines, AK

Ferry Terminal in Haines, AK

Ferry Terminal in Haines, AK

Harbor in Haines, AK

Harbor in Haines, AK

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Take a look at this trio of videos that Birdman shot while going crazy on Day 23 in Valdez, Alaska!

Harbor in Valdez.

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5 Star Filet Mignon Dinner from the Alcan Motel in Haines, Alaska

Alcan Motel Dinner

Howdy All,

Wednesday, we left Tok and headed toward Skagway, AK. We passed some beautiful scenery and made it the 290 miles to Haines Junction, YT. We spent the night at the Alcan Motel, which is not 5 star, but was clean and had a great view of the mountains. We had dinner in their restaurant, where the filet mignon was outstanding and very well presented. I ate all of it, which is highly unusual for me. I would rate the restaurant 3 star, but the food 5 stars. Continue reading

La Kitten had to run away from Ms Irene today so she is not able to relay El Gato’s post he has so faithfully written. Until tomorrow, please accept this teaser video.

Is El Gato chasing the B’man or is B’man chasing El Gato?

(Click the bottom-right-corner screen icon to view in HD)