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The Great Arctic Adventure Slideshow

The Great Arctic Adventure in Slides!

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Our adventuresome quartet of Great Arctic Adventurers star in the last leg of Dave’s Arctic Adventure on the Speed Network. Dave is the host of Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain. It airs Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.

UPDATE: La Kitten has hopefully fixed any issues with the Dave’s Arctic Adventure Leg-5 video above. You can also view it by visiting youtube directly at http://youtu.be/diva-sJqQtY.

HANG ON FOLKS for a quick update covering several days.

Well, it finally quit raining in Tok. Just long enough for us to decide to hit the road for Fairbanks. Naturally, after just a few miles it started to rain…and rain…and rain…and rain some more – all the way to the end of the Alaska Highway.

The crew at the end of the Alaska Highway

The crew at the end of the Alaska Highway

Delta Junction

Delta Junction

El Gato at the end of the Alaska Highway

El Gato at Alaska Hwy

Giant mesquitoes in Alaska

Alaskan Mosquitos

We pushed forward in spite of the rain and soon arrived at the North Pole, where we had a short visit with Santa and tried to convince him that ALL of our grand kids were perfect angels. He was somewhat not so sure we were telling him the truth, Continue reading

Birdman at the Arctic Circle Montage

In case there is any doubt about B’man making it to the Arctic Circle, I offer up another Birdman Montage to squelch any rumors.

Just enough time for a little hunt'n afterwards

Birdman at the Arctic Circle

B'man playing with a family of Polar Bears

Sara Palin held a dinner in honor of B'man

El Gato likes to play tricks on La Kitten by uploading pictures after she starts editing his daily updates 😈
You will find more pictures from The Arctic Circle below! Use your imagination about how they fit with Day 12 of the Great Arctic Adventure  😉