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Check out the Birdman flying by El Gato on the Denali Highway!

Click the image below to see the video in all its full screen HD glory!

B'man on the Denali Hwy HD Video

See more amazing photos while riding on the Denali Highway by visiting The Great Arctic Adventure’s  Day 22…Wasilla to Paxson, Alaska update!


Birdman at the Arctic Circle Montage

In case there is any doubt about B’man making it to the Arctic Circle, I offer up another Birdman Montage to squelch any rumors.

Just enough time for a little hunt'n afterwards

Birdman at the Arctic Circle

B'man playing with a family of Polar Bears

Sara Palin held a dinner in honor of B'man

El Gato likes to play tricks on La Kitten by uploading pictures after she starts editing his daily updates 😈
You will find more pictures from The Arctic Circle below! Use your imagination about how they fit with Day 12 of the Great Arctic Adventure  😉