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Day 19 …Back to Fairbanks, AK

In a mystifying turn of events that defies all logic, La Kitten miscategorized what many might consider, some of the best pictures from The Great Arctic Adventure thus far. So before El Gato begins his much-anticipated Day 19 update, let’s recap some of what we missed from Day 18…

After a tour of the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field and dramatic plunge finger dip into the Arctic Ocean, our Arctic Adventurers found themselves back on the James Dalton Hwy passing more of the Alaska pipeline and taking in all the incredible views…

(Visit the TGAA- Day 19 Gallery for more amazing photos)

Also check out this panoramic video filmed in Continue reading

Arctic Ocean Access Restrictions

Arctic Ocean Access Restrictions

Today we took the tour of the Prudhoe Bay Oil Field. Quite amazing how it started, how it works and plans for the future. It is a build and destroy community. NOBODY LIVES THERE!  No homes or private residences. They work two weeks on and two weeks off. The oil companies pay them very well, supply all food and lodging and fly them back and forth on their own airlines for nothing. Housekeeping folks start at $65k per year, with no place to spend their money. (Babydoll, do you still want me to get a job?)  I won’t go into all of it here. I’m sure there is Continue reading