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Last Days…..Skagway to Seattle to ?…

Howdy All,

As our trip winds down, I think we are all ready to get home. Getting up everyday and packing up to hit the road on a regular basis, gets tiring.

We have now traveled from Skagway, via the Motor Vessel “Columbia,” which is part of the Alaska Marine Highway System to Bellingham. The “highway” is owned and operated by the State of Alaska. They do a great job!

Motor Vessel Columbia

Motor Vessel Columbia

Tying down the bikes aboard the M/V Columbia

Tying down the bikes aboard the M/V Columbia

The bar aboard the M/V Columbia

The bar

Fantail of M/V Columbia


On the M/V Columbia

M/V Columbia

Alaska Inner Passage

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The Great Arctic Adventure Slideshow

The Great Arctic Adventure in Slides!

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HANG ON FOLKS for a quick update covering several days.

Well, it finally quit raining in Tok. Just long enough for us to decide to hit the road for Fairbanks. Naturally, after just a few miles it started to rain…and rain…and rain…and rain some more – all the way to the end of the Alaska Highway.

The crew at the end of the Alaska Highway

The crew at the end of the Alaska Highway

Delta Junction

Delta Junction

El Gato at the end of the Alaska Highway

El Gato at Alaska Hwy

Giant mesquitoes in Alaska

Alaskan Mosquitos

We pushed forward in spite of the rain and soon arrived at the North Pole, where we had a short visit with Santa and tried to convince him that ALL of our grand kids were perfect angels. He was somewhat not so sure we were telling him the truth, Continue reading


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Arctic Circle Milestone

B’man and I rode the 23 miles to the Arctic Circle. Nothing difficult, and the weather and road were great except for the small shower near the Circle. We left  and road back through what I have been informed is the muck and not “muk.”  The reason I used the word muk is because of the word “mukluk” used in Canada. I could be totally wrong.  So, we will now refer to the “muk” as muck. “Anyhow-way” (as my good friend Keith would say), we arrived back in Dawson City and once again, stayed at the fabulously luxurious establishment, The Bunkhouse. Photos attached.

The Bunkhouse

Community Shower

On Day 9, The Dempster proved herself a beast; however today, she let us enjoy the ride and the beauty of her surroundings. There were still challenging areas, but we finally figured out how to ‘ride the muck.’ I’ll give pointers in another post for folks going up the Dempster.

One area I have not addressed is the people up here. You’ve heard of southern hospitality, right?  Well it has been transplanted to Canada.  Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE up here is as nice as you could imagine. Their hospitality and willingness to assist everyone is beyond belief. The Country AND the people are amazing. Thanks to everyone we met along the way, especially the cute blonde at the El Dorado who helped me get wifi ( sorry I didn’t get your name.)

And the Dempster, just for her, in spite of all our difficulties was absolutely phenomenal, especially on the way down.

Until next time……Gato out


Grizzly momma and cub

Well the excitement has begun. We started off the day with a return to Hyder to watch the grizzlies again. What luck! They were there early in the morning. We took tons of pics and some video of the bears. La Kitten is trying to get them uploaded for me. Carolyn says it is working, but with only the iPad and Slo-fi, I’m not having much luck.


Also, we were delayed with bike troubles. Seems like Gazelle’s Bmw F-650 has an apparent design flaw in the EPA filter system. Imagine that! It completely clogged up and the bike would not run. The Vulture made a $40 satellite phone call from the middle of nowhere to Ride West BMW in Seattle. They are the best! They told him how to bypass the EPA filter and all is well. If anyone finds this post regarding problems with the F-650 or the F-800, just disconnect the hose, located eight inches behind the gas filler cap, under the cowling. Apparently it gets clogged when you get in the dirt…which is what it was designed to do!!! Hopefully tomorrow we will progress to Whitehorse without further incident. Until then…..

Gato out