Not-so-comfy Lodging

La Kitten reporting in for El Gato.
It’s day 11 and we have found our travelers quite literally stuck in the mud in Eagle Plains, YT, Canada. After my jab the other day about their comfy lodging conditions, El Gato found it necessary to send the attached photo.  Seems their digs have hit a decline. And from the looks of that shelf, it must be a really tall man who did all the decorating in this fine establishment. Personally, I would have to hope I could bounce high enough from the bed to get my stuff up there. More importantly, I wonder who get’s which side of the bed in this arrangement? Eeeks!

We also can see that The Great Arctic Adventure is not all play and no work, as evident in the posed pictures below…

Hard at work in Great Plains.

Birdman hard at work

Very hard at work in Great Plains.

El Gato very hard at work.

After a long day of hard work and catching up, being stuck in the mud, and making plans for where the next leg of their adventure will lead them, they still take time to appreciate the miracle of God’s creation in an 11pm Sunset.

Eagle Plains at 9 pm.

Eagle Plains at 9 pm.

Eagle Plains at 10:30 pm.

Eagle Plains at 10:30 pm

Eagle Plains at 11:00 pm

Oh, and before I forget.Carson, Geeps wants to assure you that your reindeer is living large in Eagle Plains, YT, Canada. Get your mom to look it up on a globe. Maybe you can convince her to take your next family vacation here. Just tell her beaches and spas are for sissies.

Carson's reindeer living large in Great Plains.

Carson's reindeer living large in Eagle Plains.

Stay tuned to find out if any of our intrepid adventurers make it to the Arctic Circle. Will they fall in love with Eagle Plains Lodge, stuck in the mud forever? Will Vulture be able to fly again? Or will Gazelle just shoot’m all?