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This is the second time to enter this post. Internet collapsed. Imagine that. Not going to redo everything.

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Yea, Yea, Yea! Excuses, Excuses! To satisfy El Gato’s loyal readers of their daily Great Arctic Adventure update, I ( La Kitten), find it an opportune time to clear the air about a stunning revelation brought to my attention on Day 7.

I question whether to reveal what I am about to show you in fear of dismantling the vision given to us of taking the beast of nature’s wrath by the horns, suffering and overcoming whatever it throws in our way from one day to the next, and eventually conquering and arriving at the apex of this adventure and home of some of the most extreme weather on earth, the Arctic Circle.

Now, this may come as a surprise to most of you, as you are probably not privy to the lamenting and moaning of hardships that have befallen the ears of El Gato’s closest family members. After all, it’s not like El Gato to complain about anything. However, while discussing the logistics of a five-week journey, riding a motorcycle the thousands of miles needed to reach the Arctic Circle- El Gato, although unintentionally I’m sure- pulled the sympathy card on his dear family. In expressing his preparations for The Great Arctic Adventure (que dramatic music), the following scenarios come to mind as I ponder our previous discussions.

  •  Images of hostels with bunk beds lined up like a jailhouse prison – men on the left ; ladies on the right.
  • Primitive facilities waiting at the end of a long day’s ride with possibly no running water and a room lit only by candle-light.
  • Communal showers that offer understanding as to why soap should sometimes be attached to a rope.
  • Having to use leaves because the Charmin truck makes deliveries twice a year and only when travel conditions are at their best.

(Ok, maybe I dreamt one of them up, but you get the point)

 “Yes!” I thought, “This is definitely NOT a vacation! It is an A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E!”

However, I now must present you with exhibits A, B, C AND D.  Consider yourself warned, as the images below may seem quite shocking!

Primitive Lodging

Inside their Primitive Birdcage

Swim Trunks? Was this on the packing list?

Roughing It!?

I’ll leave you to your own conclusions about how much our adventurers are actually “roughing it” upon completion of their first week of hitting the open roads. I’m thinking things will get even more exciting once they hit the Dempster Highway. As I see it, the biggest hardship so far is Internet access. More so for myself than for them 😉 . Because of the lack of reliable communication, I must figure out how to interpret the importance and meaning behind images like these:

El Gato's next purchase?



Motorcycle Hairnet?

El Gato's thumb but otherwise a pretty view.

El Gato's finger?

Fortunately, most of the photos have been pretty great but some days are more of a challenge than others. And for all my jabbing and poking fun, it’s actually been quite fun riding sidecar via the wireless internet highways and doing my part in documenting  The Great Arctic Adventure.

Let’s hope our adventurers stay safe and are able to update us soon. La Kitten only has so much material to ramble on about.

Small Print: La Kitten can not be held responsible for dangling of participles, confusing passive and active voice, her love of making sentences run like there is no tomorrow, or any other grammatical mis-configurations you can’t help but find.