Hyder Alaska at Salmon Toe Glacier

Hyder, Alaska at Salmon Toe Glacier

Hi Folks,


Well, what a day! Bears….bears….bears! God sent Jesus to Israel and he was a Jew, but I am now convinced that God is either an Eskimo or Canadian. Wow! What beautiful country. However, they don’t have WiFi here. It is Slo-Fi. So, it takes about five minutes just to upload this page without pictures and the iPad is limiting the space I have to write.

Anyway, visited Salmon Toe Glacier today and the Fish Creek bear observatory in Hyder, AK. Salmon were running and the bears were feasting. Average temp for the day was about 69 degrees. (Sorry). It rained some, but not too much.

Well, I’m just about out of room…so for now…

Gato out