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Day 22…..Wasilla to Paxson, AK

Hello again…..

Well, last night we tried to have dinner at Sarah’s place, but the welcome mat was not out and for some reason, she didn’t remember the B’man. Today we back tracked from Sarah’s place….(see more video and pics from yesterday’s update.)

Stalking Sarah’s Plane

Sign …and returned some 160 miles toward Denali National Park, where we turned on to the Denali Highway.  Are they serious up here?  I’m sorry, but a dirt road in the middle of nowhere is not a highway!  Their transportation division needs to get a Merriam Webster and check out the definition of a highway…but I Continue reading



Just an easy ride from Fairbanks to Sarah’s place in Wasilla, AK. 300 miles. Nothing unusual, just a nice ride after 60 miles of rain. See the pics below of some scenery and Sarah’s place. Check out the float plane base pic. Cooooooool!

Starting the day off in the rain.

Onward through Denali National Park…

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