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Howdy all,

As La Kitten would say…….”we’re just chillaxing” in Tok, waiting for the weather to clear. Sitting in a restaurant or in the room gets old. I wish we could hit the road, but I guess we’ll just have to wait.

Snowshoe Motel in Tok, AK.

Check-out from the Snowshoe Motel in Tok, AK

Hotel in Tok, AK

Our new "step up to luxury" in Tok, AK

Leaving Tok, AK

Waiting to hitt the road at Fast Eddy's Restaurant

–Gato out


Crossing back into the U.S.

Town of Chicken.Howdy all,

A smooth, slow 128 miles over the Top of the World Highway brought us to Tok, AK via the town of Chicken. Beautiful ride. Continue reading