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The Great Arctic Adventure Slideshow

The Great Arctic Adventure in Slides!

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Today we just regrouped and rested after a very trying four days. Raining like crazy. We said goodbye to Greg, who is headed for warmer temps, washed our clothes and bikes, and got ready to hit the road tomorrow……..come high water or more high water.

We bid farewell to Greg as he heads south to Argentina.

We bid farewell to Greg as he heads south to Argentina.

A look back at some of the wildlife from the past few days

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Day 8…..to Whitehorse, YT

Yukon Explosives


Well, today was a short day and rather dreary. We traveled from Teslin to Whitehorse, which is only about 160 miles. We spent the day adjusting our gear and just having some down time. We rode early this morning and the temperature was 50 degrees. At 60 miles an hour, that makes the windchill factor……..REALLY COLD!!!!!! The high today was 69 degrees and we really feel blessed to be here and not in the 100 plus degrees that most of you are dealing with.

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Tomorrow will be a tough day. We will be riding over 300 miles tomorrow to Dawson City. This is where we will pickup the Dempster Highway and hit the really challenging part of the trip. Until then……

Gato out

(we leave you with this bonus clip)

“Where is Vulture?”
The Movie

TGAA Slideshow

The Great Arctic Adventure in Slides!

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