We are a group of world travelers, searching the globe for thrills and beauty. Join us, Vulture, Gazzelle, Birdman and El Gato as we travel to Inuvik, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle by motorcycle. Yes, all the way to the Arctic ocean. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

El Gato -2006 BMW R1200 GS

Hilton was born and raised in Tyler, Texas, and now lives near Austin in Kyle, Tx. La Kitten is afraid to ask how he came to be known as El Gato. So for now, that remains a mystery. One morning on his first trip to New Mexico several years ago, a cat spent the night on his bike (providing a fuzzy seat) and so he has been El Gato ever since.
As Area Manager for The Retirement Council, he helps teachers retire from the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. Also a retired private investigator and volunteer sheriff’s deputy, you may recognize him from his breakout role in the award-winning documentary, Winnebago Man. However, he should not be mistaken for his doppelganger, Will Hayden from the hit show Sons with Guns.
Besides riding motorcycles over the past 40 years (some with the Shriner’s Exhibition Motorcycle Team), El Gato also enjoys traveling as much as possible. This includes driving his motorhome to every A&M Aggie home game, scuba diving in remote areas of the world, and until recently- flying airplanes.
He owns a 2011 Harley Streetglide and a 2006 BMW R1200 GS, loaded for adventure riding. So far, the BMW has taken a beating on the Dempster, the Denali and the Dalton, but keeps right on ticking.

Birdman -BMW F 800 GS

Tony was born and bred in New Zealand and still lives there. His nickname, Birdman, was given to him by the Road Rockers Motorcycle Group in honor of the Kiwi Bird. Rumor has it, among the riding group’s members, he also lives in a tree as fortune has provided good weather on most of his trips. Birdman rides approximately 10,000 miles a year in the USA during cold New Zealand winters (US summers). Over the last eight years, he has completed seven tours. He keeps one bike in the United States (currently a BMW F 800 GS Dual Sport) and keeps two Harleys back home in New Zealand. However, during the 100 year Harley Celebration, he brought one of his Harley’s “across the pond!”

For the 10 months a year he is not riding in the USA, he’s at home in Hamilton, New Zealand, where he owns and operates a transport company.

As to future motorcycle endeavors, he hopes to eventually ride in Europe or perhaps even Africa.


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