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Day 2…..to Chilliwack, BC

Hello All,

Well, day 2 found us at the BMW dealership in Seattle until after noon; which was good ’cause I was still “icing” said knee. Anyway, we finally got all the bikes serviced, new IPAD 2 activated for the Birdman and a new pair of gloves for the Vulture. We departed Seattle, crossed the boarder and arrived in Cilliwack or something like that for the evening. We had dinner at Earl’s, which was basically across the parking lot. Let me just say……OVERPRICED, but then again, it appears that everything in CANADA is OVERPRICED! Good grief, $5.50 for a gallon of premium gas! I think I need a Prius instead of a BMW. All said and done, we had a great day. So off for real, tomorrow.



Day 2 Photos