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Final Days… Seattle to Home

I hope you have enjoyed traveling along with us and thanks to all the MANY folks that helped us along the way.  We could not have done it without you. Some folks were just exceptionally nice and we really appreciate it.

Boat that was waiting for El Gato

Boat that was waiting for El Gato - 'The Gato Verde'

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Day 27, 28 & 29…..Skagway, Alaska


We are in Skagway, AK and it is a definite destination. Beautiful scenery and people. This is a must see on your bucket list. We leave on the ferry and head for Bellingham and Continental Airlines to home. After a month on the road………I’m ready to go home!!

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La Kitten had to run away from Ms Irene today so she is not able to relay El Gato’s post he has so faithfully written. Until tomorrow, please accept this teaser video.

Is El Gato chasing the B’man or is B’man chasing El Gato?

(Click the bottom-right-corner screen icon to view in HD)

Howdy Folks,

Today we left our luxurious digs in Paxson, AK and traveled to Glennallen, AK for breakfast. After deep analytical thought, I split from the B’man and headed north, back to Tok, AK, where once again, we have a room at the Snowshoe Motel. B’man went crazy and rode south over the mountains to Valdez, AK.  After seeing the beginning of the Alaska Pipeline, he thought it only right that he should see the end. I said, “Good for you,” and continued on to Tok! (Goto Map Below)

The road from Glennallen was under construction for 14 miles.  It was quite the slow-go for a while, but it did pass through some nice mountains and  scenery.

Grizzly Lake between Glenallen and Tok, AK

Grizzly Lake between Glenallen and Tok, AK

On the road from Glenallen to Tok, AK

On the road from Glenallen to Tok, AK

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Take a look at this amazing video from Prudhoe Bay the Atigun Pass near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
Click the pop-out screen icon in the bottom right corner to see the video in all its glory!

Read more about Prudhoe Bay in The Great Arctic Adventure’s Day 15, 16, & 17…to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska update!


La Kitten has been told this video is “Descending Atigun Pass headed to Prudhoe Bay” from the Dalton Highway. Tomato- Potato, sounds close enough to me. Just want to clarify for anyone who may find themselves circling Prudhoe Bay looking for this particular Pass. 😉