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La Kitten had to run away from Ms Irene today so she is not able to relay El Gato’s post he has so faithfully written. Until tomorrow, please accept this teaser video.

Is El Gato chasing the B’man or is B’man chasing El Gato?

(Click the bottom-right-corner screen icon to view in HD)


Check out the Birdman flying by El Gato on the Denali Highway!

Click the image below to see the video in all its full screen HD glory!

B'man on the Denali Hwy HD Video

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Take a look at this amazing video from Prudhoe Bay the Atigun Pass near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
Click the pop-out screen icon in the bottom right corner to see the video in all its glory!

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La Kitten has been told this video is “Descending Atigun Pass headed to Prudhoe Bay” from the Dalton Highway. Tomato- Potato, sounds close enough to me. Just want to clarify for anyone who may find themselves circling Prudhoe Bay looking for this particular Pass. 😉